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Triomphe® 12 ft. x 15 ft. Orangery Chalet Greenhouse | Palram-Canopia

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Palram Triomphe® 12'5" x 14'9" Orangery Garden Chalet with Clear Panels on the Walls and Twin-Wall Panels on the Roof, Black Frame

Inspired by the idea of merging garden, home, and outdoor lifestyle, take a second look at your yard as a place to find refuge with the Triomphe Garden Chalet.

The robust T-shaped Orangery has high side walls and vaulted ceilings to give you over 9 feet of headroom and a generous layout with enough room to create a truly enjoyable outdoor experience. Large enough for a dining table to share meals with your favorite people or a lounging area filled with comfortable seating for an escape from daily stresses, the Triomphe is meant to extend and elevate your living space. With lighting and heating available to purchase separately, you can create an inviting environment that you want to use all year long. 

Breathe in the ambience with four large, automated roof vents and double swinging doors that easily open and close, providing an abundance of airflow. The solid acrylic glass glazing reduces outside noise and is exceptionally safe, making a cozy private space for you and your family that you can rely on.

The aluminum frame has a fine black finish and is strong enough to hold shelves anywhere inside your greenhouse for plants, decorations, books, or even outdoor dishes. The Triomphe is practically maintenance-free, leaving you to relax, enjoy, and celebrate every day.

Frame and Panels

Two Types of Panels

  • Roof Panels - 10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels to protect from strong sunlight exposure
  • Wall Panels - 2mm Crystal-Clear Acrylic Panels provide over 90% light transmission
  • Provide complete UV blockage and are 100% UV protected
  • Ready to assemble pre-cut panels
Aluminum Frame

Aluminum Frame

  • Sturdy, weather and rust resistant aluminum frame
  • Highly durable, extra-rigid structure, for many years of dependable use
Door handels

Lockable Door handle

  • Includes two lockable handles for extra protection and safety (lock not included)

Easy Access

  • Low threshold ramp for easy access
Sliding assembly system

Easy Assembly

  • Sliding assembly system makes installation easy
  • Ready to assemble with uniform pre-drilled profiles and pre-cut panels
  • All hardware included
Roof vents

Roof Vents

  • 4 Large Automated Roof Vents included
  • Provide ample air flow to regulate heat and humidity levels
Roof Gutter


  • Includes a built in gutter system for effective water collection and drainage

Hinged Door

  • Wide double doors are hinged, allowing them to open fully 

Galvanized Steel Base

  • Adds structural stability
  • Includes designated holes for anchoring cement or wood using our included anchoring kit
Anchoring Kit

Anchoring Kit

  • Anchoring kit is included to secure your greenhouse to the foundation you have chosen
  • Provides additional holding capabilities
  • Includes an internal ground anchoring system for increased stability and strength

Serves as both a botanical orangery garden chalet greenhouse & a sun lounge living area in an upscale design

  • Elegant Design: The gorgeous garden chalet brings sophistication and refuge to your yard
  • Extra Large Structure: Spacious orangery is 16.2 m² with high ceilings (112 in) and side walls (75 in)
  • Resilient Polycarbonate Panels: 10mm roof panels protect from strong sunlight exposure and extend your season by protecting plants from Fall frosts.
  • Light Transmission: Crystal clear wall panels provide over 90% light transmission. Clear 2mm thick Acrylic glazed panels reduce noise and improve safety.
  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame: Strong, rust-resistant metal reinforced with internal supports and includes galvanized steel base (anchors not supplied).
  • Roof Vents: Includes four large, automated roof vents that work without the need for power.
  • Year-Round Weather Resistance: Withstands winds up to 90 km/h and 15.4 lbs/ft² of snow
  • Built In Gutter: Included gutter system to channel rainwater that can be used for irrigation
  • Anchoring System: internal system increases stability and strength
  • Easy Access: Low threshold ramp and lockable hinged wide and high double doors provide easy access (padlock not included)
  • Self-Assembly: Sliding panel system includes pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut sliding panels and all hardware
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty
    • Anchoring Kit
    • 4 Large Roof Vent Windows
    • 4 Automatic Roof Vent Openers
    • Built-in Gutter System
    • Lockable Door Handle
    • Wide Hinged Double Doors


    Palram Triomphe® 12'5" x 14'9" Orangery Chalet Greenhouse

    • WIND RESISTANCE – 90km/hr | 56ml/hr
    • SNOW LOAD – 75kg/m² | 15.4lbs/ft²
    • ACRYLIC PANEL – 2mm

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