Palram-Canopia Greenhouses Competitive Advantages

Palram Greenhouses Competitive AdvantagesPalram Greenhouses Competitive AdvantagesPalram Greenhouses Competitive AdvantagesPalram Greenhouses Competitive AdvantagesPalram Greenhouses Competitive Advantages

Palram Greenhouses Competitive Advantages

Palram Polycarbonate has:
  • Lifetime Transparency unlike basic polycarbonate that discolours 
  • Highly Resistant Polycarbonate Glazing unlike glass glazing that easily fractures
  • Strong and Secure Panel Hold unlike basic clip on system that detaches
  • Ultra-Resilient Door Mechanism unlike basic sliding rails that rust and get stuck
Ultra-Resilient Glazing
  • Super-resistant, high light transmission Polycarbonate wall and roof panels
  • Do not turn yellow, opacify, fracture, or shatter over time
  • Block up to 100% of harmful UV rays for safer and more pleasant gardening
  • Pre-cut, easy sliding, light weight flexible panels
Sturdy, Long-Lasting Greenhouse
  • Reinforced Aluminum structure (thicker profile than standard structures)
  • Rust-resistant, easy-to-assemble, pre-drilled, high-grade Aluminum profiles
  • Life-time resilient, safe polycarbonate glazing (blends Fine Shield Technology™) 
  • 5 to 10 Year Warranty (depending on the model) - 100% maintenance free structure

A Wealth of Smart Accessories - help you grow on your own

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Portable Fan Heater with Digital Thermostat Controller: to grow year-round and maintain optimal conditions
  • Trellising Kit Pro: Helps maximize your growing area with any climbing flower or vegetable
  • Automatic Roof Vent Opener: Non-electric, easy-to-install, conveniently opens your window vents
  • Heavy Duty Shelf Kit: offers lots of work space, and is easily adjustable anywhere
Basic Polycarbonate Greenhouses Standard Glass Greenhouses PALRAM Polycarbonate Greenhouses
Glazing Holding System Iron Clips Iron Clips Sliding into Profiles
Resistance to Wind Very Low High High
Impact Resistance  Panels tend to fly off Low High
Includes Base No No Some
See-Through Transparency No Yes Yes
Swing Door No No Yes
Gutter Pipe Connector Usually No Yes Yes
Warranty No Warranty 10-25 years on frame 5-10 years on all parts

Last verified by the manufacturer - 2020