• Palram Mythos™ Greenhouse Kit

    The Palram flagship Mythos™ greenhouse – Practical Design, High Insulation, Aesthetics and Performance.

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  • Oasis™ Hexagonal Greenhouse

    Palram Oasis™ Hexagonal Greenhouse

    Palram Oasis™ Hexagonal Greenhouse Enhance your garden’s beauty

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  • Rion Grand Gardener Greenhouse Kit

    Rion Grand Gardener® is an ultra-spacious premium greenhouse with excellent features for the hobby gardener.

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  • Palram Glory Greenhouse

    Palram Glory Greenhouse Kit

    The Palram Glory 8’ greenhouse is the right choice for the year round gardening enthusiast with Virtually unbreakable, 10 mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

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  • Oriana Light deprivation greenhouse

    Oriana™ Light deprivation greenhouse

    Patented, true light deprivation greenhouse, includes a blackout curtain system. A smart greenhouse, saves money on energy costs

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