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Growing your own organic garden has never been easier.
The palram Plant Inn is a complete all in one solution for home vegetable and herb growing. This compact yet durable raised garden bed is comprised of strong Aluminum frame, along with either Twin-Wall or Clear Polycarbonate glazing. The underneath storage compartment is a wonderful solution for storing all your gardening and planting equipment.
The product’s compact size allows you to place it in your patio or balcony; your entire family will enjoy accessible gardening and the reaping of the fruits of labor.


    Half open position for ventilation, temperature and humidity balancing 10 Plant Hangers included for trellising options Internal water drainage system
    2 deep planting trays included to reduce quantity of soil Twin-Wall glazing option

    All you need for a successful organic vegetables garden

    • Raised garden bed: protects from snails and caterpillars – improves conditions of light and soil
    • Polycarbonate greenhouse: protects from cold and hail – controls inner temperature and blocks harmful UV rays
    • Fully controlled unit – soil & water, temperatures & humidity
    • All around protection – snails, pests, pets and hazardous weather

    Easy using for all

    • An excellent growing solution for balconies, patios and yards
    • All ages gardening – elderly, children & handicap
    • Quick & easy shifting of hinges to all positions
    • Simple self assembly – light weight parts, illustrated instructions
    • All included kit – assemble and grow*3t

    Stability and durability

    • Unbreakable Polycarbonate
    • Rust resistant Aluminum frame
    • Stable galvanized steel base

    Glazing options
    The Plant Inn is available with Palram’s Crystal Clear Polycarbonate or Twin-Wall Polycarbonate glazing.

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