Palram Glory® 6×8 Greenhouse with 10mm Twinwall Glazing


Palram Glory® 6×8 Premium Greenhouse with 10mm Twinwall Glazing and Grey Frame

The Glory 6’x8’ greenhouse is the right choice for the year round gardening enthusiast. The Palram Glory™ 6×8 Premium Greenhouse model features Extra thick aluminum frame provides a high impact and hail resistant structure, and is accessorized with plant hangers, (1) roof vent, (1) automatic vent opener and side louver window which provide optimal ventilation and help you maintain correct moisture and temperature levels. The virtually unbreakable, 10 mm Twin-Wall 100% UV protected, light diffusing Polycarbonate panels, provide a pleasant, insulated environment for growing your plants as well as protect from harsh weather conditions.

10mm Polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate panels

  • Virtually unbreakable, high-impact resistant and flexible
  • 10 mm, Twin-wall panels provide excellent insulation and protect from strong sunlight exposure
  • Complete UV blockage and 100% UV protected, the panels do not discolor, fracture or shatter
  • Maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years of use
Aluminum Frame

Aluminum Frame

  • Extra thick (+50%) Aluminium frame provides an extra-rigid, highly durable and corrosion resistant structure
Extra support

Extra support

  • Reinforced structure for added strength
Lockable door handle

Lockable door handle

  • For extra protection and safety (lock not included)
Low threshold

Easy access and use

  • Large hinged door can be installed as a left or right hand door
  • Low threshold
  • High headroom 268 cm and tall eaves 191 cm provide large interior space and ample room for trellising tall and leafy plants
  • Bottom door seal brush strip – prevents dirt from entering inside as well as keeping chilly winds out
Easy assembly

Easy assembly

  • Smart sliding assembly system
  • Uniform profiles for all positions
Built-In Gutters

Built-In Gutters

  • Large closed gutters, with 3.2cm diameter gutter heads included
  • Allow water collection for a sustainable irrigation system
Ventilation Roof Vent and Side Louver


  • Roof vent provides air flow and allows regulation of heat and humidity
  • Side louver window Enhances air flow
  • Automatic vent opener – opens and closes the roof vent without then use of electricity (start opening point: 12-15°C)
Galvanized steel base

Galvanized steel base

  • Adds structural stability
Integrated anchoring system

Integrated anchoring system

  • Internal ground anchoring system offers structural support during harsh weather conditions

profiles are gauge 18 and some are gauge 14.

The harmful UVC & UVB rays are blocked up to 100%

The UVA which is partially beneficial for plants growing is blocked up to 95%

*The UVA transmittance starts at 390nm (~3%) and reaches to maximum at 400nm (~40%).



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