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Plant Inn® - Clear | Palram-Canopia

Palram-Canopia Plant Inn® Clear 4x4 Mini Greenhouse Kit with Clear Panels and Aluminum Frame

The Palram-Canopia Plant Inn® is an independent elevated garden bed that provides a practical and comfortable mini-gardening solution. It is ideal for seeding flowers and growing vegetables and herbs in limited spaces such as urban porches, patios and balconies. The compact and durable structure is made of a strong aluminum frame and clear Polycarbonate glazing. The Plant Inn® also includes a storage compartment, which allows you to store all of your gardening and planting equipment. The Plant Inn® is a complete solution for home vegetable growing.  

 Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate Panels

  • Virtually unbreakable, high-impact resistant and flexible
  • Crystal-clear Polycarbonate provide over 90% light transmission
  • Complete UV blockage and 100% UV protected, the panels do not discolour, fracture or shatter
  • Maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years of use
Aluminum Frame

Aluminum Frame

  • Durable, rust resistant aluminum frame
  • Galvanized steel base included
 Easy use for all

Easy Use For All

  • Raised garden bed: protects from snails and caterpillars
  • An ideal growing solution for balconies, and patios
  • All ages gardening
  • Quick & easy shifting of hinges to all positions
  • Storage compartment for gardening equipment and tools
  • Simple DIY assembly kit – an all included kit
 Adjustable lids

Adjustable Lids

  • 3 possible positions: closed as a greenhouse, open for cultivation and irrigation, and half open for ventilation and balancing of temperature and humidity
 Plant trays

Plant Trays

  • 2 deep planting trays included
 Internal water drainage system

Internal Water Drainage System

  • Drains excess water, which can be re-used
Plant Hangers

Plant Hangers

  • 10 plant hangers included
  • For growing tomatoes and other trellising options

All you need to elevate your garden bed

  • Raised garden bed: protects from snails & caterpillars
  • Improves conditions of light & soil
  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate greenhouse
  • Protects from inclement weather conditions
  • Controls inner temperature & blocks harmful UV rays
  • 3 position lids: closed as a greenhouse, open for cultivation and irrigation,
    and half open for ventilation
  • Comfortable gardening on a lifted bed for everyone
  • Compact light packaging fits in back seat of the car
  • Storage compartment underneath the garden bed
  • Built-in storage compartment raises garden bed to 28” off the ground and makes gardening much easier
  • Ideal for seeding flowers, growing vegetables and herbs in small backyard, balconies and patios
  • Life-time resilient, polycarbonate plastic walls; do not fracture, turn yellow or opacify over time
  • Non-rusting, robust aluminum structure
  • Top-lids can fully open on both sides for easy gardening, or partially open for ventilation
  • Includes a 6 1/2″ deep planting trays, internal water drainage system and plant hangers for trellising
  • Built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials
  • Maintenance free greenhouse
  • Protects your plants from the elements, so you can enjoy an extended growing period
  • 5 years limited warranty
10 Plant Hangers

Palram-Canopia Plant Inn® - Clear

  • WIND RESISTANCE – 90km/hr | 56ml/hr
  • SNOW LOAD – 75kg/m² | 15.4lbs/ft²


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