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Fan Heater with Digital Thermostat by | Palram-Canopia

Palram-Canopia Greenhouse 1500-W (15 Amp) Portable Splash Resistant Fan Heater with Digital Thermostat incl. Thermometer and Humidity Sensors for cooling and heating

The Palram-Canopia Combo Plant Heater and Greenhouse Fan with Digital Thermostat and Humidity Controller allows you to conveniently grow year-round in your Palram Greenhouse and maintain optimal greenhouse heat and humidity with confidence and free of constant climate management. It offers the best air output and climate control available in its group, with humidity regulator built into its controller and IPX4 certified design for splash resistance to ensure many years of accurate and constant climatic control. One of the best hobby greenhouse heaters in the market for heating a greenhouse in winter.

Top Heating Output

  • 1500W/110v: 5500 BTU
  • Heating speed: 8228 ft³/hour
Fan Heater CGK


  • Energy efficient durable stainless steel heating element with separate heating and venting functions
  • Large housing for balanced warm air flow

Corrosion and Splash Resistant

  • Allows safe operation near water
  • Reliable and safe greenhouse heater
  • IPX4: Is resistant to water splashes from any direction

1500W Digital Thermostat

  • Advanced digital display includes distinct temperature and humidity sensors for optimal climate control

Low Noise

  • Maintain a pleasant gardening environment
  • Portable fan heater with high Heat Blow output
  • Fast regulation of greenhouse humidity and temperature levels
  • Based on the strongest heating cell available in the 1500 Watt heaters category
  • UL & CE approved and certified IPX4 splash resistance (incl. resistance of components to corrosivity)
  • Features 2 sensors with separated cables, allowing a flexible positioning inside greenhouse
  • 2 distinct electric cables of 2M / 6.2ft each for the Heater and the Digital Thermostat
  • Energy-efficient and durable stainless-steel heating element
  • Automatic safety system shuts heater in case of overheat and resets after cooling
  • Low-noise heater maintains a pleasant gardening environment while in use
  • Allows to maintain temperatures below 32°F / 0°C for cultivation of plants that sprout in frost
  • The fan can be used to reduce humidity in hot, humid environments during summer

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The Fan Heater with Digital Thermostat by | Palram-Canopia is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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