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Kate's Oasis Greenhouse Project

Kate's Oasis Greenhouse Project

Choosing the location:

Our lot sits east-west with most of the back on solid bedrock. We choose this location as it would maximize sun exposure, not be in the center of our visual space from our patio but still able to enjoy looking at it as part of the landscaping.

choosing the location
We had a large forsythia that needed to be removed to open up the area
clear away shrub
filter soil clean
Once we cleared away the debris we exposed the ground that needed to be moved to lower the elevation. The greenhouse would be sitting too high if we left it at this elevation. We screened the soil and moved it to new beds that would be made along the path to the greenhouse
jackhammer rock to level area build rock wall to raise foundation
Very quickly we discovered the soil was not very deep and hit bedrock. 4 hours of jackhammer to breakdown the rock into manageable pieces. We used the large rock for building walls and the smaller pieces to help fill the foundation before the crush Building the foundation design. We made a template out of a old tarp and added and extra 18 inches around the perimeter for foundation strength
raising foundation 18 inches crush to create foundation. Tube laid for future electricity and hose for future water line
We continued to raise the height of the foundation to the desired height using rock that we hammered out Before dumping the crush we laid hose and pipe for future water and electricity lines. The water line was installed and connected as soon as the seedlings were planted. Electricity is a project for this fall
orange flagging ribbon to mark buried anchors for future tiedowns IMG_6517 2 path made for access to top of property on all sides of greenhouse
Our location can experience strong easterly winds in the winter so we laid anchors into the foundation to connect anchor straps to secure the greenhouse. The anchors were marked in the crush by tying orange flagging tape to them We wanted access to all sides of the greenhouse and a path to continue alongside it against our original rock wall. The crush paths will be covered with a speciality coloured small river rock this fall.
assembly of frame starts assembling continues
My husband assembled the greenhouse in one day. It is a one person job to assemble frame but takes 2 people to slide the roof panels into slot and attach to walls. It’s really easy once you have figured out how to do the first one. Assembly continues. Instructions are good but important to make sure foundation is absolutely level
assembling the frame for the greenhouse panels adjusting the doors
Assembly continues The hinge doors easily assemble and take a few minutes to adjust. I would love to have some sort of anchor to hold the doors firmly open during breezy days. Currently they will rattle in the wind and I have to close them in strong winds. Our difficulty is we raised the foundation on a 18’ crush rock base. Will have to experiment to find a solution.
Greenhouse assembled greenhouse assembled 2

Greenhouse is assembled and what an amazing design. The inside assembly for the shelves is designed to fit right into the frame. The shade kit and the trellis kit also just slide right into the frame.

The solar powered window louver was a bit of challenge to install but once the adapter kit was in place it works well. We have it set to open and close at 12 degrees. As the evening cools the window slowly starts to close. In the morning if I am in the greenhouse as the sun hits it I can see the arm move the window open.

Its still early spring and the plants have not filled out yet. Also, after removing the large forsythia to make room for the greenhouse left the back needing me to buy some new plants. My favourite thing to do!
finished assembling. seedlings and starters planted
Different views of the assembled greenhouse Different views of the assembled greenhouse
looking north looking south east
Seedlings planted and starter kit growing. Because I bought 3 heavy duty shelves I planted pots that would also sit on shelves as well as on the ground. Spring plants thrived. The daytime heat in greenhouse in early April was already hitting 26-30 degrees so I started all the summer loving plants early and made sure the greenhouse was closed up at night when the temperatures dropped. As soon as the nighttime temps stayed above 12 degree’s we took the doors off of the greenhouse. Different aspects of the greenhouse from different vantage points in the back yard
looking north east fitting into the garden landscape
looking south east with rhodo in bloom
greenhouse starts to blend in with spring shrubs blooming
looking east behind fuschia south facing
seedlings and starter box shade cloth hung to help with summer heat
Seedlings in the planter box By mid April it got so hot in the greenhouse during the day that we had to hang shade cloth on the walls and ceilings. I didn’t buy enough to do the west/north side of the house but will have to hang on those walls too next year.
five varieties of strawberry peppers and mini eggplant
I planted 5 varieties of strawberries in a hanging basket and placed on one of the upper heavy duty shelves. Not all of the variety are tasty so I will retry next year with just our 2 favorite varieties. Peppers, tomatoes, egg plants and all my citrus tress love the heat
shelving and workbench provide layers of space 3 year old dwarfed caracare orange tree spent last winter under a coldframe
Location of plants. I learned what works well near the door and what works well at the back of greenhouse. I will try a different arrangement next year when I put the summer plants in 3 year old Cara Cara orange tree that I planted in a large pot 3 years ago and will dwarf to stay at 4 feet. The first year I picked all the fruit off, second year I let 2 oranges grow and this year it is loaded with fruit and flowers. Like my meyer lemon trees they will produce fruit and flowers all year round. Before I had a greenhouse I used to put the citrus tree pots on a south facing wall of our house and put a cold frame over them for winter. This winter I am going to put them all in the greenhouse. The caracara orange can’t take freezing temps so like in the cold frame I will set up a thermostat controlled heater that will come on when the temp drops to +3. Meyer lemon don’t need the heat unless it drops below freezing
second orange picked from tree caracara orange was juicy sweet
Cara Cara orange 4 inches in diameter, sweet and juicy
hanging tomatoes, eggplants, herbs, lettuce, kale in pots California variety pepper plants
Hanging tomatoes got too warm near the door – will move to north side of greenhouse next year. Tomatoes in pots did really well Peppers – California variety – really sweet. Also, mini baby eggplant – sweet, thin skin and no seeds!
cantaloupe climbing the walls on trellis kit purple eggplant and long pencil white sweet eggplant

Cantaloupe grew on trellis kit along south – east wall. Also, sweet and juicy.

I tried ‘sugar baby’ water melon but the aphids were such a problem on the plant I moved it out of the greenhouse

Purple eggplant and white pencil eggplant.
cucumber climbing trellis kit against wall one pumpkin. seed grew so fast had to be moved outside
Cucumber grew on trellis kit up north wall One pumpkin seed had to be moved outside as it grew sooooo fast
Last Greenhouse photo
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