Rion Grand Gardener® 8x12 Premium + Mounting Base & Accessories


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Grand Gardener 8′x12′ opaque Premium manufactured from extruded dark green Resin thick frame with a natural isolating qualities in a barn shape style. The Grand Gardener is made of virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate glazing that creates a very comfortable growing environment. Twin-wall 6mm translucent Polycarbonate glazing panels create superb insulation, lightweight, and has no sharp edges. Defuses over 90% of the light, provides perfect protection for your plants and flowers.

  • Inside top locking included Aluminum door hinge for extra durability
    Inside bottom locking included Reinforsment cable
    Door handle holder Sealing rubber strips
    Extruded resin frame  

    Grand Gardener 8x12 Premium comes with:

    Double entry doors for better access.

    • 2 Manual Roof Vent Window
    • 1 Manual Louvre Window
    • 1 Mounting Base Kit
    • 2 Automatic Roof Vent Arm opener
    • 1 Automatic Louvre Arm Opener
    • 1 Two Tier Staging Table
    • 1 Package of Plant Hooks

    Rion Grand Gardener opaque Greenhouses provide the enthusiastic gardener with a large and generous growing space and plenty of headroom. Spacious and comfortable room for shelves and benches whilst still leaving plenty of space for working area.

    The unique barn shape roof design is both elegant and functional with a very high headroom and wide entrance, ensures great, convenient and large space for all your gardening needs: starting seedlings, protecting valuable plants or creating a tropical garden.

    • Virtually unbreakable 6 mm thick TwinWall Polycarbonate glazing – provides extra durability, 100% UV protection, high impact and hail resistant
    • Easy and convenient assembly with an friendly Pin & Lock connectors system.
    • Barn shape design creates high headroom and a larger gardening space.
    • Thick Resin frame improves insulation and creates extra durability for many years to come
    • Sturdy and durable structure – withstands strong winds and heavy snow load
    • Double doors allowing easy entry and exit and provides excellent ventilation when opened
    • Roof vent included for efficient and additional ventilation
    • Year-round use will extend plant growing and provide you with the ideal gardening environment regardless of the season

    Superior Glazing – high quality tough Polycarbonate , TwinWall roof panels and clear side walls, held securely within framework.

    • Great heat retention
    • Great thermal efficiency
    • Very tough and durable
    • Good longevity

    Durable structure – oval profiles made of a very strong PVC Resin thick green frame, totally weatherproof, UV resistant and very stable. Snaps together using the special ‘Pin & lock’ smart design that creates a clean, rounded finish with no sharp edges. All profiles are constructed to push-fit together, and do not require cutting or drilling. Assembly instruction guide is friendly; easy to follow illustration of each step and supported informative text over particular stages.

    The Rion Grand Gardener 8’ has an optional base kit available that provides secure foundation for the greenhouse.

    *Please note, you can erect the frame straight onto concrete or other foundation of your choice (needs to be a firm foundation so the greenhouse can be securely fastened into the ground). The base is an optional heavy-duty foundation that gives additional height and extra stability.

  • Dimensions 105" W x 153.1" L x 93.4" H
    Growing area 6.66m² / 0.72ft²
    Max. Internal Height 251 cm / 893.5"
    Eves 165 cm / 61"
    Weight 135Kg / 297lb
    Door Height 194 cm / 76.4"
    Door Width 120.5 cm / 47.5"

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