Palram Cold Frame Double 3 x 3


Palram Cold Frame Double 3 x 3
Cold Frame Double provides a safe start for your saplings. Covering your garden-bed early spring or late autumn prolongs the growing season, warding off vermin and maintaining the desired temperature. Plants will enjoy the unique, clear as glass Polycarbonate panels. You will benefit from the Cold Frame’s spectacular looks, its safe high-impact durability, easy assembly and use.

  • Fast and easy to assemble, COLD FRAME will provide a blossoming vegetable garden for you in the upcoming season

    • High impact, durable & UV protected polycarbonate
    • Rust resistant Aluminum frame
    • Virtually unbreakable crystal clear lid provides maximum light transmission
    • Sloping lid to allow maximum sunlight and rain to run off
    • Utmost convenient access for seeding plants and gardening crops
    • 2 hinged arch lids for easy access & improved ventilation
    • Protect your valuable crops from harsh weather conditions and pests
      Open Cold Frame Open - Without lid Irrigation & cultivation
      Close Cold Frame Closed - Frosts & pests protection
      Partially Open Cold Frame Half open - For ventilation & humidity control
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