Oriana® 8 x 20 Light deprivation greenhouse


Oriana 8 ft. x 20 ft. Light Deprivation Greenhouse 0% Light Transmission on the Walls and 88% Light Transmission on the Roof with Aluminum Frame

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants in the family CannabaceaeHarness the sun’s natural power with the Oriana 8x20 light deprivation greenhouse, a greenhouse that performs. The Oriana comes standard with a manually operated retractable curtain system to completely block overhead light; a lockable door for security, screened windows, and light deprivation screened vents for ample ventilation. Whether you live in the country or in the city, this greenhouse is perfect for you, allowing you to realize its full potential to grow your own herbs.
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The Oriana greenhouse, Superior, advanced and built to last

  • True blackout curtain system
  • 4 Large windows included
  • 4 Insect net included
  • 4 Light blocking screened vents included
  • Built in gutter system
  • External anchoring kit
  • Light diffusing roof panels
  • Lighting hanger
  • Low threshold ramp for easy access
  • Quality aluminum lockable door handle
  • Internal anchoring system

• Multiple, year-round, harvesting aided by a blackout curtain system which includes a patented, unique static curtain valence.

• Humidity control and efficient ventilation during blackout time through screened, light blocking vents

• Balance Heat and humidity levels with super large, screened roof vents

• Prevent plants’ sunburn with light diffusing glazing

• Organic, insect free, farming is made easy due to the use of screened vents with external handle

• Accelerate your plants’ growth – using the frame rails for hanging extra light fixtures, and accessories

• Easy access with a low threshold ramp

• Keep your harvest protected behind a single, lockable door

• Grow healthy and strong plants through high light transmission glazing

• Collect rain / snow melt water with the built-in gutter system for an organic, sustainable irrigation

• The greenhouse’ reflective wall panels provide the effect of additional light fixtures while maintaining opaque visibility

• Improved structural support during harsh weather conditions by means of an integral, internal anchoring system & an external anchoring kit




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