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Welcome to Rion Canada Greenhouse Kits

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Rion Backyard Hobby garden green house kits are the perfect choice, enable Canadian gardeners to start their gardening season whenever they wish regardless of climate.

Plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables can all be grown and is of special interest to those wishing to grow their own organic vegetables in Canada. Low cost, environmentally friendly, the multi wall Polycarbonate sheets used by Rion garden greenhouses kit are strong, durable, lightweight, insulated in the winter and UV resistant in the summer.

Rion home greenhouse kits are easy to build are state of the art affordable garden backyard green houses for Canadian, allowing you to grow your own organic products in Canada.

The Rion Grand Gardener, Prestige, EcoGrow, Hobby Gardener and Sun Lounge and Sun Rooms Lean To backyard greenhouses come in a kit. No special tools other than a leveler are required to assemble the Rion green houses.

All the pieces of the Rion garden green house kits snap together, and each Rion garden greenhouse kits comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

All the pieces of Rion EcoGrow , Grand, Prestige and Hobby Gardener as well as Sun Lounge / Sunroom are numbered for ease of installation. Rion EcoGrow green house kit can be purchased in many sizes. Extensions are offered and can be added at a later date in order to increase the length. Rather than the traditional A-frame, Rion green houses have a barn-shaped roof design adding more headroom. We also offer Solar powered light fixture.

If you like Rion Greenhouses Design and wish to buy it from Canadian company you don't need to search the Internet any more. We guarantee the lowest price on all Rion Greenhouses in our inventory.

Rion develops and manufactures innovative green houses for the enthusiast hobby gardeners and growers. The Rion system is modular, attractively designed, and spacious. The barn-shape design gives more headroom and growing space. Easy to assemble and safe. Our professional experience in agronomy and agro-technology is harnessed for the hobby weekend grower.
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