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Balance® 10 ft. x 24 ft. Greenhouse Silver Frame Clear & Twin-Wall Panels | Palram-Canopia

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Palram Balance® 10 x 24 Silver with Clear panels on the walls Twin wall sheets on the Roof and Silver Frame

When we tell you that the Canopia Balance 10 ft Greenhouse Kits provide your plants with the optimal conditions for nurture and growth, we mean it.

With two types of glazing, you get a balanced DIY greenhouse that combines the protection of the diffused twin-wall roof panels with the light transmission of the crystal-clear wall panels for ideal growing conditions. All panels are made of UV-protected polycarbonate, a glass-like, virtually unbreakable high-end polymer that is uniquely suited for greenhouses.

The extra-large workspace gives you plenty of room to grow an abundance of vegetables and herbs and store the tools and accessories you need. The Balance Greenhouse is also extremely accessible with wide and tall double doors and a low threshold for wheelbarrows to go in and out and enough room to transfer large trays of plants. The lockable door has an aluminum hinge that works as well in frost as it does in heat, so it never gets stuck like a sliding door.

Made of 100% recycled materials, the combination of the safe polycarbonate panels with the rust-resistant, aluminum frame and extra strong support beams provides you with a greenhouse that is well-designed and durable, so you never have to worry about the sturdiness or safety of your greenhouse.
For a beautiful, well-designed, and spacious addition to your gardening experience, get a Balance backyard Greenhouse today!

*Shelving Sold Separately

*The Side Louver Window is available as an optional add-on and is sold separately.

 modular systemModular System The Balance® Greenhouse is made of a Modular Design. It will arrive in modules, and is assembled into one unit. 

Combined Polycarbonate Panel Types

Combined Polycarbonate Panel Types

  • Roof Panels – Twin-Wall Polycarbonate protects from strong sunlight exposure with 82% light transmission
  • Wall Panels – Crystal-Clear Polycarbonate provides over 90% light transmission
  • Virtually unbreakable, high-impact resistant and flexible
  • Complete UV blockage and 100% UV protected, the panels do not discolour, fracture or shatter
  • Maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years of use
Aluminum Frame

Aluminum Frame

  • Provides a highly durable, rust resistant, and extra-rigid structure

Lockable Door Handle

  • For extra protection and safety (lock not included)

Easy Access

  • Low threshold, large hinged double doors, magnetic door catch

Easy DIY Assembly

  • Sliding assembly system
  • Uniform profiles for all positions
built in gutter

Built-In Gutters

  • Gutter and gutter heads allow water collection for a sustainable irrigation system

Roof Vents

  • Includes 2 manual vent windows
  • Provide air flow and allow regulation of heat and humidity
support beams

Extra Support Beams

  • For added strength 

Accessible, to commodious gardening

  • Extra Large Design: The greenhouse has plenty of space to move around in as well as go in and out.
  • Durable Structure: Powder-coated aluminum frame is a strong and rust-resistant metal
  • Extra Support: Includes internal support beams and a galvanized steel base for added strength and stability
  • Polycarbonate: The resilient panels are 100% UV protected, virtually unbreakable and do not turn yellow or become brittle over time
  • Diffused Roof Panels: 4 mm twin-wall roof panels protect from strong sunlight exposure and extend your season by protecting plants from Fall frosts.
  • Clear Wall Panels: Crystal-clear side panels provide over 90% light transmission
  • Year-Round Weather Resistance: Wind, snow, and hail resistant. Withstands winds up to 62 mph and 20 lbs/ft² (10x12, 10x16) and 14 lbs/ft² (10x20, 10x32) of snow.
  • Door Features: Low threshold ramp for easy access as well as lockable, aluminum, hinged double doors that are high (6'6") and wide.
  • Ventilation: Manual roof windows allow adjustment of humidity, temperature, and ventilation, and keep you cooler on hot days.
  • Gutter: Includes a built-in gutter system to channel and easily collect rainwater
  • DIY Assembly: Sliding panel system includes pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut sliding panels for easy installation
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty

7 Roof Vents Window Included

Secondary Anchoring System

Anchoring System

Balance 10 x 24 Dimensions

Palram Balance® 8 ft. x 24 ft. Greenhouse Silver Frame Clear & TwinWall Panels

  • WIND RESISTANCE – 100km/hr | 62ml/hr
  • SNOW LOAD – 100kg/m² | 20lbs/ft²
  • LIGHT TRANSMISSION – Roof - 82%, Walls - 90%
5 years warranty

modular systemModular System 


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Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Balance® 10 ft. x 24 ft. Greenhouse Silver Frame Clear & Twin-Wall Panels | Palram-Canopia is for you.

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